Computational methods, applied to patient-specific simulations, and multiscale modelling techniques now play a significant role in improving our understanding of the human circulatory system and should provide in a near future the tools for noninvasive in vivo human studies, progressive medical research or surgery planning.


Research themes and strategies

Members of the ICER Forum work in collaboration with other partners in the field of cardiovascular research in identifying ‘clinically relevant’ problems from a computational or modelling perspective. Common research themes are chosen for their long-term impact on public health, for their practical applications and their interdisciplinary nature and centre on various aspects of cardiovascular disease. Some projects can have a stronger commercial orientation. Within these research themes, we are merging the knowledge and the competence of professionals in various disciplines, with a common interest. 

Themes include patient-specific computational studies and modelling pipeline, advanced imaging techniques and clinical anatomy, arterial blood flow and network models, stent grafts design optimisation for vascular intervention, heart-valve modelling, biomechanics and biofluid flow.

Details of each of member’s specific areas of interest and research can be found here.


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