About the Forum

High quality research is a vital component of a global strategy aimed at reducing the socio-economic impacts on our society of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease. ‘Despite decades of high quality research in cardiovascular disease, […] there is much more to do’ [1]. From a bioengineering point of view, computational models and numerical simulations are elementary tools from which a better understanding of the circulatory system can be drawn. Collaborative fundamental research in this field will certainly contribute, in the short run, to improved diagnostic procedures in the early recognition of vascular diseases and to the design and assessment of medical devices.

The ICER Forum provides a platform for scientists and clinicians, interested in joint projects and common research themes, to derive the maximum gain and return from each other’s expertise. For a list of key research themes, with background information, please follow the link to the Research Themes. We strongly encourage collaborative work between academic scientists and clinical researchers and practitioners.

The Forum is currently composed of a steering committee and members from Swansea University and the Morriston Cardiac Centre. For a list of all the members, with their corresponding areas of interest and contact details, please follow the link to Members & Committees.










[1] NHS R&D Strategic review: Coronary heart disease and stroke, Report of Topic Working Group, October 1999, published 6 October 2006.